Create-Your-Own Role play: Guide linesEdit

  1. Come up with a good story line for your roleplay before it's published.
  2. Title your roleplay.
  3. Add Narrator's Notes and Dialogue (Dialogue is read by the narrator, and must be typed in italics.)
  4. Redirects ( EXAMPLE: If the cats choose such-and-such, go to 5. If the cats choose so-and-so, go to 10)
  5. Always have choices for your players to make.
  6. Have a conflict that must be resolved. (Stolen/lost kits, missing warriors, drought, prey shortage, etc.)
  7. Always check to make sure that your story line hasn't already been used.
  8. Finally, add a new section for your own role play, and have fun!

NOTE: Role Play stories can be as long or as short as you like. Here's a short role play example.

The GatheringEdit

Narrator's NoteEdit

Welcome! You're ready to play Warriors: The Gathering! This role play adventure begins sometime after the Clans have settled in their new lake home. First, introduce your player's cats, asking the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Clan
  3. Current position (Warrior, Deputy, Leader, medi-cat, apprentice, elder, queen)
  4. Fur color/pattern (Silver tabby)

Now that your player's cats have been introduced to each other, it's time to begin! Start reading aloud below:


A loud yowl sounded from the tree stump that the leaders sit on. "I now call this Gathering to order!" Firestar calls. He nods to Leopardstar, signifying that she may make the first report. "RiverClan is doing well. We have two new warriors...." As Leopardstar drones on, some of the cats begin to get tired.

The players cats are beginning to get sleepy. It's time for their first choice: fall asleep or stay awake. If there isn't a unanimous response, vote. Majority wins.

If the players choose to fall asleep, skip to Three.

If the players choose to stay awake, continue to Two.


After Leopardstar's long report, Onewhisker proceeds, and after him, Firestar. The Gathering seems to have no end. Finally, one leader is left: Blackstar.

It's time for ShadowClan's report! This is where the story starts to get really exciting. However, from here, there's only one way to go. In portion Three, Blackstar makes an accusation...

Continue to Three


Yawning largely, the cats drop off slowly to sleep. You don't know how long you've slept, or what has happened, until....

Continue to Four


Blackstar stands up and begins his report. "PREY STEALERS!" he hisses with rage. All the cats jump to their paws. Claws unsheathe.

"You're all thieves!" Blackstar spat, fury burning in his eyes.

"What?" demands Leopardstar, the fur on her neck beginning to rise with unease. "No RiverClan cat has come across your precious territory."